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Cabins (Bibliotheca Universalis)

Cabins (Bibliotheca Universalis) Cabins (Bibliotheca Universalis) showcases the variety of cabins in use and geography. From an artist studio on the Suffolk coast in England to eco-home huts in the Western Ghats region of India, this collection is as exciting in its international reach as it is in its array of briefs, clients, and situations. Constant throughout, however, is architectural innovation, and an inspiring sense of contemplation and coexistence as people return to nature and to a less destructive model of being in the world.     This Bibliotheca Universalis
front cover of Container and Modular Buildings: Construction and Design Manual Paperback – 1 Jan. 2020
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Container and Modular Buildings

Container and Modular Buildings: Construction and Design Manual Prefabricated housing is a pressing issue - for those looking­ for affordable homes as well as for refugees fleeing wars or natural disasters. In common with politicians, architects were caught unawares by the largest wave of migration since the end of the Second World War. However, are tent cities and containers the best solution for cheap, dignified, and quickly assembled accommodation for displaced persons? inside look – steel container design Bold and Unconventional This challenging situation, along with the changing urban landscape, with its
Small houses
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Small Eco Houses

Small Eco Houses Fresh perspectives on how good design can create stylish yet ecologically sound living spaces in small-scale homes.   Anyone who has faced the challenges of limited living space will find inspiration in this survey of the latest trends in environmentally sensitive, small-scale residential designs.   More than fifty residential spaces are profiled―from woodsy houses and repurposed barns to cool apartments and urban lofts―both inside and out.   Most of the projects were designed by up-and-coming architects, and each design proves that small-scale efficiency, as well as beautiful,